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wonder by R.J Palacio

 my favourite character in the book "wonder" , by R.J. Palacio is August ( Auggie ) Pullman because he is very brave. Despite the scars from surgeries on his face, he still attended school anyway. Though sometimes he may be self-conscious and made fun of ; like saying he looks like his face is melted and dripping at the side , he overcomes it really quickly. 

 i enjoy the friendship between the kids in the book. it shows how the character was not included in the beginning but soon made a lot of friends. August managed to survive the year because of his two good friends : Jack and Summer, who had helped him along the way. All his friends soon realised that August is still a human being. Like what August's sister, Olivia said, "you can't blend in when you were born to stand out " . Everyone has their own unique features and this is how they are as god only created one of you and one of me. This book has also made me reflect on hurtful things that i have said to other people. Though someone looks different from us, we have no rights to comment about them . People in the world will only see the scars on our face and that reflects to them on what we have done but they will not know the actual meaning behind it. For example, if you have stitches on your head, people may just think that you fell and you look weird because they are not used to the stitch but the real reason behind it may be that the person with the stitches actually saved another person and had fallen and sacrificed for them. We have to know the story behind each scar before judging a person for it.